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supervisor olague heir supervisor wiener aye supervisor avalos aye supervisor campos aye is >> president chiu aye supervisor chu aye supervisor cohen aye there are eleven ayes. >> the resolutions are adopted. item 37. item 37 resolution urging the board of supervisors to support statewide education funding intives to help san francisco public educational system. >> supervisor wiener? >> if supervisor mar would like to speak first. >> this is both as a funding measure for our schools and i think prop 38 has been controversial recently, but i will just say that prop 30 is the governor's measure that would help prevent serious cuts to our schools. it's supported not only by the california teachers association, but the california federation of teachers and many, many different groups from the california school board
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associations to others and our board of education supports both. prop 38 is our children and our future local schools and bond debt reduction act. it would actually support early childhood education that prop 30 does not and it's also an important measure. i think if both of them passed what would happen it would be worked out that we wouldn't be double taxed, but we would find the different compromises kinds of both work for our schools. the groups that support both measures is tom torlakson and california retired teachers associations and san francisco examiner and i urge support for both measures. supervisor wiener. >> thank you so supervisor mar for bringing this forward. i was surprised that we could
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take positions on ballot measures, but i was told by the city attorney that we were able to do so. i would make a motion to amend and add a second resolve that states further resolved that the san francisco board of supervisors president iss its strong disapproval on recent attacks of prop 30 and suggest that the supporters of propositions 30 pawn 38 refrain from attacking one another. second by supervisor mar and can we take that without objection? without objection that is the case a on the underlining resolution, same house same call, without objection. >> madame clear, would you
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read the memoriams. (reading memoriams ) >> is there any more business before the board? >> no, mr. president. we're adjourned. [ gavel ]
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♪ >> welcome to hamilton >> welcome to hamilton recreation and aquatics center.
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October 16, 2012 4:30pm-5:00pm PDT

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